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Neither of us was ever embarrassed by any of this. So I eased her clothes off and helped her into bed, then kissed her good-night on the cheek and wen... to my bedroom. I feared that I would find it difficult to fall asleep after such an eventful weekend, but in fact I was asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. Next morning at breakfast my mum wanted to hear all about my weekend, but I told her that there was way too much to tell her before I had to go to work, and we would have to wait. “Well, you’re nurse and I think you know about sex stuff…because of…because of at…Daniel’s birthday party…” Both people at the kitchen table were sweating and burning red in the face, neither making eye contact. A moment of time passed before Nicole spoke first. “That was a mistake. I should not have been… It was a mistake. Not that its wrong to…Its perfectly normal to…to masturbate. Everyone does it, I’m sure you do…” Nicole stumbled. “You cannot tell ANYONE about that day! JESUS, HAVE YOU. When it was over, she felt almost too weak to stand. Brad hadn’t moved. He still had his cock in his hand, idly stroking as he watched her cum. Kayla knew what she wanted to do, what she had to do. She rose out of the water and walked to him. It was wonderful the way his eyes devoured her. She stepped close, in front of him, and put her hands on his arms. He released his cock as she rose onto her toes and kissed him softly. She felt his cock, beginning to soften, rub against her tummy. He. "What do you mean?" she asked, confusion running rampant in her tortured mind."Use the racquet handle to fuck yourself with," he said.Knowing that she couldn't help herself, the demands of her body slashing at her brain, she reacted a****listically to fill the great need in her. She reached back and under with the old style wooden racquet, and began rubbing the leather grip over the canopied bud of her womanhood. Greedily, hungrily, she stroked the handle up and down on the miniature.

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