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A case sat on the floor, a black satchel that looked out of place. Christine went to it, kneeling so that she could open it up and I watched as she re...rieved a small clay jug with a cork stopper. She set that aside and next removed a linen cloak that looked old and worn, mottled grey in color."Go ahead and take off your clothes," she said. "You need to be anointed and then you'll wear this." She stood up, holding the jar in one hand and the robe in the other."Okay," I shrugged, pulling my. You were the first I picked." OK... so, what are you studying?" Law." She laughed at Hope's expression. "I know, the nose-stud doesn't mesh with the idea of a lawyer, but until then... why not? What about you?" I'm just sort of wandering through things that interest me, really... I've not decided what I want to do, so I'm just studying for fun." Studying for fun... now that is a strange lifestyle choice." Perhaps." Hope admitted. "But it's mine." Good for you... OK, cards on the table time...". Bill and I went out on Friday evening and then we went back to his mom and dad's and soon enough we were making our excuses and heading for his bedroom. One thing both Bill and I knew was that the hotness of having sex with each other made us both want to moan and carry on but we knew we couldn't do that with his folks just down the hallway. After I'd given Bill a blowjob the last time we'd been together, he'd let me lick and clean his cock off from my saliva and his cum and then he'd flipped. .. anal sex?" She shuddered in disgust.Chapter 3Still standing, Brenda flapped her arms in the air in frustration. "How is that any different?! Stand up! Remember how I told you Suzanne made me stand up naked, so I couldn't hide from myself or from the truth? It's time you did the same!"Susan stood up, albeit reluctantly. "Geez, Brenda. I'm not used to seeing this side of you. You're being so aggressive." That's because this ... all of this ... is something I believe in quite strongly. Do you.

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