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In thebathroom, if you don't mind," she said as she walked away. "When youare finished please continue dressing."I picked up the tissues. Fucking dyke...bitch. "You're not making thisany easier for me, you know that?" I yelled after her. You'd think shecould take a joke. I didn't really expect to her to, you know, relievemy pressure. But man, it would've been awesome if she had.She turned about at the door. She let her jacket slip open and undidthe top button of her blouse and, slowly sliding her. They will be waiting for us. Look over there, a pair of stairs. They could lead to a balcony or behind the throne room."Leandra lead the way to the stairs. Omby held Dorothy arm,"We can't trust her. She lied to you." Dorothy looked at Leandra, waving her hand for the two of them to follow her. "She must have her reasons Omby. I'll confront her when we get the belt and free the Lion." Omby let her arm go, shaking his head with a ok. They followed Leandra up the stairs and down a small corridor, . "Hey, last night he said no sleeping in today," Palus responded to miss grumpy. Hidden behind the room divider we could hear Swarta on the chamber pot. The decorative folding screen I had made for our room from wood, and canvas paneling, gave privacy which my ladies thought was a novel idea. All the women in the tower wanted one for their rooms, telling me we should sell them in Convey."My sisters are particularly pleased with Von's magical body," Laudus said to Swarta, handing her a glass of. ”“Give her some time. Death is hard, especially on the young when the person who has died is young. It was not easy for me when Joe passed, but one deals better with it in old age. Death comes for all of us, but sometimes, as with your friend, it comes far too soon.”“What do I do?”“Wait. Let her sleep. I’ll make you dinner. You should call Joyce. I told her you would be here.”I nodded, “Thank you.”“I’ll make enough for your friend. Perhaps she’ll eat later.”“I hope so,” I said.“Go to Joe’s.

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