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’ I shyly said. ‘well, now thats a problem.’ She said thinking about how I could get in the john. She looked through the hospital stuff and foun... a pee cup and laid it on the bed. ‘Here you are.’ She replied. (Did I miss something in this life as I looked down at the urnial?) ‘Mom? Heres a stupid question. How can I…you know…use it?’ I said as she mulled this question over. ‘Looks like I’ll have to help you.’ She said a little embarrassed. She pulled down the sheet and carefully tried to scoop. As well as two bodies.Willow hurriedly called 911. The fire department and an ambulance had arrived. Andrew was pronounced Dead on Arrival. Jonathan was comatose and his vitals were weak but he was alive.An hour later they were at the hospital. "Could you give us a call when he wakes up? He's a friend of ours and we're really wondering what happened." I don't see the harm in it, but I don't want to get your hopes up. He might not wake up at all." We understand. Thank you."Tara pulled everyone. Then he added.“I found some concrete forms that were designed to hold large trashcans that the equipment fit in perfectly. I rented a van and put at each entrance and the controls and flat screens are in them. I have stopped by a couple times and I am satisfied. When you make your rounds check them out,” Andy replied.“I brought 10 ladies like you asked they will be here soon we need to make sure they all get time in the van,” I replied.“For your information Ching Lee and I have to leave Sunday. “When you’re all alone,” Conan spluttered, convulsed by sobs, his face streaked with tears, “Here’s what you’ll keep saying.”He walked over to the table he had set up and cranked the ancient gramophone into life. The spectral echo of My Mammy filled the bunker. Hugging the ashes urn tight to her chest Conan mimed out of sync with the crackling 78.“Mammy, mammy, the sun shines east, the sun shines west, I know where the sun shines best…” Conan rolled Alexandra over so she was face down on the.

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