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He led her back into the Labyrinth, neither of them speaking much on the long walk back to the entrance.Beth thought about the missing objects and the...list of items in the storage unit at New Castle. She had already made arrangements to have it all brought back tomorrow before the Society could find out anything about it. Obviously they would catch on the moment a moving truck arrived, but once it was in the driveway, they wouldn’t be able to do anything.They stepped through the gate together. We were back home before nine fifteen. We could have made it before nine, if Mrs. Parsons hadn't gone in to post our scores, and run into Dave in the pro shop. I was hungry when we got home, and Gerta already had waffle batter made and a big bowl of blended blueberries and whipped cream for a topping. I ate four big waffles, and Gerta tried to make me one more, but I told her no.I saw Hans looking at the dwindling supply of blueberries and whipped cream, and I knew he'd be crushed if I let. We got to his house and found his parents had left for the day. Arnold told me to follow him and he would show me some real fucking. We walked around to the back of his barn where he trained his sheep for 4H. There was a contraption there that he said would hold the sheep steady while he combed them and that it also had another purpose that he had discovered. He asked me if I wanted to see what he meant and; of course I said sure! Well, Arnold rounded up a young ewe; which is a female sheep;. Was I denying her thatkind of joy?"Laura," Charlotte had replied to her. "What if he felt the same wayyou do about trying out other men? What if he thought he was a womantoo? What then? I know a marriage counselor who's especiallysympathetic with women, a skilled psychologist who ...."And eventually, Laura had taken me to see the good doctor Marcus, andall the rest had taken place. Except for the forthcoming ultimateevent.I certainly did enjoy my new femininity, maybe once latent,.

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