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Itfelt like my nipple was trapped between two hard pieces of metal, bitinginto the tender bud, squeezing the blood to the end, threatening to puncture...hem. He ground his teeth on them, feeling the skin tearing. Hebegan again to whip my body, unable to escape the terrible sting of the braidedwhip. “SMAK,” my breasts shaking as they were stung by the leather,my nipples suffering under the whip. “SWAT,” the whip hookingup under my ass cheeks, low down on my thighs. “CRAK,” it rangout, hitting. Partly, it was that I didn't like her calling a double technical foul and an automatic game ejection on me so quickly.I thought I should have received at least one warning first. My favorite basketball players were Bill Laimbeer and Dennis Rodman, so I may have a different definition of what constitutes playing dirty, at least different from what most other people have.She just sat there with a stunned look on her face,. She was making no move at all to get out of the truck. I waited for her to. In front of her group of boys were sitting and just parallel to them and adjacent to Shalini I was seated. The boys were staring at her, and I could hear there discussion, they were like look she is hot, Wow!! She is hot, what a breast, let’s approach her, no wait you approach her. One of the boys with blue eyes and blonde hair cut all of them and said“Watch me you cunts I am going and giving it a shot”.The blonde guy approached Shalini and shook her hand and requested if he can buy her drink. She was so cute: blonde, 5'6,34C (which was perfect for her), and a line down her tummy ? the kindonly athletes have (former soccer girl). Her sense of humor was prettywet, not unlike herself all the time.We talked about sex a lot. Any sex. She confided in me that she had tomasturbate nightly in order to sleep. Ditto for me. Nonetheless, weremained friends for a full semester?well almost. On the last nightbefore Xmas Break, she slept over. I told her she would have to beg forit. After quite.

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