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Your hand continually stroking me. Keeping me right where you want me. “Mmmhmmm, I am sure I will be able to make it though.” You start to low...r yourself even more, but you do not stop stroking my cock even for a second. I can now feel your tongue and lips beneath my balls. My body literally shivers. My breathing growing faster and deeper. I am waiting and silently wanting for you to go even lower. And you read me like an open book. The next thing I feel is your tongue getting closer,. "When is Janet leaving?" Friday afternoon." Then why don't you come over Friday night?"Joe knew what I was hinting at and right away I saw his eyes lit up. Most likely thinking back to some of the conversations we had."I don't think you want me over," Joe finally said."Yeah you're right. You probably wouldn't be interested in seeing Erika naked and all," I said."You're such an ass. I got an instant hard-on seeing her standing there in her yellow bra and panties..." Joe started."Then come over.. ''Tell me you want my cock.'' ''I need your cock.'' Niky grabbed his hips and pulled him into her breaking the hymen on the way. Chris forced his mouth onto hers making her taste herself. Chris and Niky both laid still for a couple moment getting familiar with the new sensation. It was warm and comfortable for both when Chris pulled back and went in again. She squealed from the initial pain but never felt more pleasure and more sexy in her life. She looked at his body and grabbed the back of. By the time Megan returned to the bedroom with the drinks, Molly's dildo had been put away and towels spread across Megan's bed. Also laid on the bed was an electric razor and some scissors. Megan passed out the drinks and the three enslaved girls all turned to Emily to see how she would torture them next.Emily smiled once the three girls were standing there, waiting for her orders."Damn, this is a power trip. Okay," she said after a moment of celebration. "We are going to shave." Shave what?".

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