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It was humiliating. My girlfriends and I left the pubsoon afterwards but I didn't realise you were part of that group untilafter you and I had starte... dating and Sahara showed me the video. Sinceseeing that video I felt it was only fair that you got to feel what it'slike with the shoe on the other foot."Hayley was now also wearing a French Maid's outfit."Danielle's having a hen night and we are going to your pub."Then our doorbell rang."Answer it. Candy."I did so.I was greeted by Danielle,. A phone call from the Mercedes dealership to say the car was ready to be picked up worked out to be the chance meeting with the Sultan again. My uncle was at work when we received the phone call, so my aunt drove me to the dealership to pick the car up; as we approached I spotted the black Mercedes again. Butterflies fluttered deep down in the pit of my stomach. He was here, I smiled inside. I went inside to get the keys when I saw the Sultan, our eyes met as he was speaking to the owner. "That’s right baby, relax that ass, I'm almost all the way in." With that said you slowly thrust the last few inches inside me, never once letting up on my clit. Loving the feel of you deep inside my ass and not feeling any real pain I beg you to fuck me. "Please fuck me...oooooo..Please, you feel so good!" My words triggering your actions you start to thrust in and out of my ass. Slowly at first but building up speed.In, out, in, out you thrust deep as your balls slap against me. Rubbing my. I smile feeling her warm touch. When is it? she asks after she fixes her hair. Well I was thinking maybe we can go and eat McDonalds, and then we can go get our front row seats. I say winking at her. She screams with happiness. Daddy I love you so much! You are the bestest daddy in the whole world! She says as she buckles her seatbelt and we drive away. As planned, we eat, go to see the show (which she loved) and go home. Later that night, I sat her down to talk with her about earlier. I.

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