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" "Maybe it can be", Lauren said.***Alicia sighed as she looked out the kitchen window. She hated herself for feeling jealous of Lauren, but she could...'t help it. Lauren was younger and Alex could be with her without being judged by society. "Maybe he and I are just lying to ourselves that we can make this work", she thought, then she heard a knock at the door. She went to answer it, remembering to slip on an apron this time, so she wouldn't be completely nude. "Will", she said in surprise,. At first Cypress seemed a little stiff and awkward, especially when his tongue brushed up against hers, but the longer his kissed her, the more she relaxed. This isn’t right, Avery thought, pulling back from her a little. I really shouldn’t… His lips brushed the corner of her mouth, as if his body was moving of its own accord, and then he was right back to square one. Right or wrong, he didn’t really want to stop. It was Cypress who ended the kiss, she let out a sudden gasp and pushed him away,. I opened the door a little and reached in.He then just opened it 2 reveal, a well built man with an amazing circumsized cock.I was kind of mortified but at same time very intrigued.He asks if I've never seen 1 of them before joking.I said well ye obviously I've seen a big willy before lol, with a big red face.But I've never seen a circumsized willy in my life lol, and a really big girthy cock.He puts 1 hand on it and for the imagination, its probably at least a 2.5 hand cock lol.He performed a. He was also kinda cute, and I loved looking at him in his boxers as he climbed out of bed each morning. I never saw Brandon without his boxers, but I sometimes jerked myself to sleep, imagining his cock carelessly slipping through the unbuttoned fly as he pulled aside his sheets. Peering at Brandon's bare shoulders peeking out from under his covers, I would reach for my crotch. Slowly, so as not to make any noise, I would run my hand along my cock. I wanted to throw back my covers and reveal.

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