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So much so that I would follow some of them around for days. At one point I was following this one group that looked to have been traveling for a long...time and I longed to find out why. They were traveling by wagon train, which I was also fascinated by. One day they ran into trouble. Raiders attacked them. I stayed in hiding for most of it, until I watched what had to be two sisters trying to get to the woods near me. The older one told the younger one to run but she was seen. The older one. ” another drink for the ageing constable was offered and quickly consumed then the old lad went on “ he left a note and a letter addressed to you, personal like and the house key,” he handed her an envelope with her name in flowing handwriting on the front, then touching his fore-lock he tottered to the door having done his duty and feeling the strength of the brandy which he was so unused to. Outside in the fresh air he mounted his bike and literally wobbled away thanking the lord it was. Keira came in and said, "Did you guys sleep well?" It was the best," they both replied. Mapk continued with, "It has been a long time since I have slept so soundly." I agree. It was great," added Ahha."Good. Let's exercise then freshen up before breakfast."Ahha and Mapk followed Keira to the exercise area where the rest of the clan was already getting onto their exercise machines. Keira showed them how to use the machines. She watched as they began, before stepping over to her own machine. Mapk. Then the letter starts telling you about her slipping her fingers into herself so she can get her fingers nice and wet so she can rub her clit. She says playing with her clit reminds her of how good it feels when you lick her pussy.”Ginny began to rock slowly back and forth, enjoying the delightful friction against her mound. She smiled to herself as Ron stifled a groan. She watched his cock twitch in his shorts, it was all she could do not to reach down and rub it. “You start moaning and.

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