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Inside was a small space set in the eaves of the house. The slope of the roof made the ceiling very low towards the front of the building. Four single...iron bedsteads with thin mattresses had been squeezed into the space. One small cabinet stood beside each bed and a single battered plain wood wardrobe stood by the door.“Take off your uniform, hang it up in the wardrobe. You will find a night dress in there. Put it on. Then get into bed.”“Do I have to wear the nightgown? I usually sleep. Do you... forgive me?"Lynn took my face in her hands and gave me an incredible French kiss (shewas always good at that). After we broke, she said, "I forgive you."We had another crying fit while hugging and cuddling. Eventually, shelooked into my eyes and asked, "So, are there any other secrets you want totell me?"Oh, great, she had to ask me that just as we were getting back together."Well, there is one thing. But, I want you to know, I didn't know aboutthis the last time we were together,. Graspiing her by the hips as i trust and pounded on the pussy between her legs thats quickly becoming a sticky mess the sound of my balls slapping on her clits hood as i rub one out of her.Cunt juice running down both our inner legs and she is in full voice now and she looks behind me and laughs and says "you certainly fuck like you could be in porn" and i was so close to filling the sheath that is about to be filled with my load so i grabed a little more hair and pulled her face towards mine. “Now, what do you think she did after I told her I was coming in here anyway? That’s right! I’m willing to bet she’s called the police and told them she’s afraid for my safety. How long before the police get here? One way or another, you two are leaving here shortly.”“You could tell them you’re safe,” Peter ventured, looking worried.“I won’t,” Claire asserted, and they could tell she was serious. “In any case, safe or not, after what you did to John, you’ll be in the cells tonight!”As it.

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