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?Beth rose slowly and, no sooner had she gotten to her feet, than Al grabbed her crotch, his big hand completely covering her whole vaginal area. ?Yo...r mama told me that you peed in your bed last night. Is that true?? ?Nnn? no sir.? ?So you’re telling me she lied, is that it?? He pulled on her crotch, yanking her to the point that they were nose to nose. Beth gave a little semi-scream, as Al’s fingers dug between her legs.?Uhh, nnno sir.??Take those shorts off now. Let’s see what we’re. " If we're creative, we might be able to work on getting a little closer without getting too intimate." What are you thinking?" she asked, turning to me."Let's see how the evening plays out," I replied, "and then we'll discuss it." A little mystery for me to think about?" Exactly."Amy gave me another of her looks, shaking her head and smiling to herself. We walked on, just enjoying being together. I was walking on a cloud."Remember when we'd bike with Lisa?" Amy said as she saw some bikes go. They had to complete themselves.He loved me, but I would not have married him had I known. I wanted aman. That is what I thought I got. But he never was that, and he knewit. He said that he thought marriage to me would fix things and allowhim to lead "a normal life". If he had told me that before we wed, Iwould have told him just how wrong he was. You cannot run away fromthis. This is real.Now he was blandly informing me that I was to become a lesbian.So many transgendered people who. You embraced it. Youran to it. Everyone who knows you will learn you're a sissy. Everyone.Think about that. You won't hide from anyone. People will say 'There'sgoes Jamie. She used to be a boy, you know.' " Please no," Jamie said."Have you seen your facebook page? I added some photos." You didn't . You wouldn't." Ah, but I would. Remember. I'm supposed to humiliate you. Those wereyour rules. I don't threaten, Jamie. I expose. You wanted to wear adress. You wanted to wear makeup. Well, now.

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