Mukesh responded and said that though doctor’s wife is very very beautiful but Pramila is much more attractive than her. He said that as Pramila has...permitted him to fuck with others she can also fuck with men of her choice even in his presence. He again reiterated that as long she will continue to feed him sexually he will not touch others even his mother.“Madam, aap jiske saath chaho khub chudwao, mere saamne bhee lekin jub tak aap mujhe khilati rahengi mai kisee aur ko haath bhee nahi. " Have you met him?" No." Well we'll just have to wait and see I suppose."The big question of course, was what they were going to tell others. It was alright to try and hoodwink Bill, out of necessity of course, but what of the others at work?Jamie suggested that Chris should be his sister."I suppose it might work." said Chris. "It's risky though, don't you think?" No worse than you dressing up like that to come to work." Chris had to agree."What's my name?" Chris." Not MY name, dumb-dumb, my. She should have known better because champagne always had that effect on her when she hadn't eaten properly. She took the concoction that her departed husband imparted to her and swallowed it all down despite her repugnance at the smell. The foul-smelling mixture did the trick and within a half hour she was herself again.She buttered her toast and added some of the jam that the nice man at the shop, Mister Patel, had gifted her to "sweeten up your day, kind lady!"It was kind of humorous to. . I did not know if I would ever eat again. Now you are telling me that if I eat all this, I will be fat." It's easy and it happens to a lot of people." I am not fat. I was hungry. I walked much. I am thin." You are a young girl. Girls your age come in many shapes and sizes. You're in the middle of the range." I have eaten more since I found you than I did in the last two weeks." I guess that's good," I said."It is very good," she replied, then she loaded another forkful of French toast.There.

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