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The afternoon and early evening we hit a lot of Company open-houses at different hotels. We all had plenty to eat and drink. Tuesday night we all went...to the Imperial to watch the Impersonators. Wednesday morning was more convention, and that afternoon we lounged by the pool. Wednesday night was the Pav-Co party at the Tropicana Hotel. WOW! What a spread. They had those pastries that you put sliced roast beef on. We then hit the table with oysters on the half shell, I slurped down a bunch of. Now, Steve wasn't ripped by any means, but he was fit, and had a pretty decent body, If he said so himself. And by the way Jess was looking at it, it was obvious she though so as well. He realized that her line of vision had stopped right at his manhood, which was standing at full attention from being so close to this hot young babe's naked body. His 7 1/2 inch shaft wasn't the biggest, he knew, but it was still nothing to scoff at. Jess took a step closer, lifted her chin up, and gave Steve a. After a morning sight seeing we headed for the ferry much to the c***dren’s delight, when we got there, there was something going on on the other side which looked great fun for the k**s but not for the dogs, after much moaning from the c***dren it was decided that the c***dren would go on the ferry with Helen and Dave and Paul and I would take the dogs for a walk along the beach on this side.So off they went and we set off with the dogs along the beach which they were loving running in and out. “I don’t want you to catch a cold,” Aron explained. “Your hair got wet a little.”“I can do it,” Carter said.“Sure, but am I going to let you?” Aron joked.So he had to endure this or something. When Aron pulled down the towel, Carter looked up. There it was again. That look. What did it mean?“Let’s take things to the bedroom,” Aron whispered. “I remember a certain promise you need to honor.”Oh, that. Hmm, that performance anxiety was rearing its ugly head again. Aron must have had so many.

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