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" He found that incredibly amusing. Despite the danger, he found himself chortling. It was all he could do not to break out into loud laughter.Heather... seeing the danger of his laughter, quickly closed the distance to him and put her hands over his mouth. "Sssh!"He managed to keep his laughter down to a muffled chuckle. But by the time she took her hand away, his fear at the close call was forgotten.With her hands removed, he could talk again. He whispered, full of mirth, "Princess?. I withdraw my cock and unfasten my strap-on. Rolling him on his back, away from the enormous wet spot he just made on the bed, I slide onto his body, covering his with mine. It takes him some time to regain his regular breathing. I just cling to him, kissing him, snuggling against him. Then, I see a different side to him - a string of emotional thoughts comes pouring out his mouth. I just listen and my heart rejoices to hear what this experience means to him."I was worried you wouldn't see me. That was all it took. He jammed his cock into her harder so that it was buried to the hilt. She screamed for him, an orgasm, once again, wracking her body. He wondered if he should stop, if it was too much for her, but she kept calling out for more. A man reawakened, he pulled his cock out of her and slammed into her with renewed force. Each thrust grew faster and he pushed all the way in each time. His balls slapped against her ass as he watched her face, contorted by the immense pleasure he. In the seven years since she had lost Taipei, Elizabeth had continued her search for the jade dragon, people had started calling her the dragon lady, in the antique stores and all the other places she haunted seeking her statue. Elizabeth had seen many changes, Sophie had married Mike and settled down to domestic bliss, Daryl and Tom had opened their own restaurant, that immediately became the most popular place in town to eat. Her sister Amanda had moved to sunny California and had a thriving.

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