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You may block out your eyes if that makes you more comfortable. If I am going to use your face for my pleasure, I want to make sure I like what I see....The second quest will be given to you after I see your face."I had to think about this a couple of days before I finally got up the courage and sent her a face shot of myself. This time her reply was very fast."Nervous aren't you? I hope this doesn't mean you will get cold feet be a no-show. Can you meet Wednesday at 11:30? We'll meet for lunch. “Babe you can do whatever you want with my cock.” As her lips folded around the bulbous tip of Joe’s cock she turned and looked across at Danny. This time she looked him in the eye; she was taunting him; she was teasing him; she was seeing his cock slowly starting to lift itself off his thighs. Danny closed his eyes; he wanted to put other thoughts inside his head; any thoughts; anything but the thought of his wife sucking another man’s cock. It was becoming a hopeless battle. He opened his. I nod my head at him. He starts making out with me as he is unzipping his pants. As I open my eyes while we are french kissing I take a peak at his member. Boy is it huge! Nate's penis could not compare to him at all. It is bigger than my remote control and as thick as a red bull can. I start to suck his cock. He is teaching me along the way. "No teeth Gina honey. That's a good girl, just wrap those lips tight around that BBC." I feel his hand on the back of my head as I am licking this big. Kay was dark, slim and stunningly attractive, a really nice figure. Jennifer was smaller, blonde and very busty. Jennifer had a lovely smile, blue eyes, but would feel a little awkward about her breast size, so would tend to wear clothes to hide them.Both girls had a great sense of humour, so Liz was instantly drawn towards the, and she was getting to know them quite well.Both girls were very touchy feely towards Liz. When they saw her, they would both hug her, comment on her dress, and often.

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