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She knew the initial pain would give way to that wonderful pleasure she could only get from anal sex. Scott could not believe that after meeting this ...exy woman just over an hour ago he was penetrating her ass with his strong erection. All through it Susie teased him about his wife not giving him the type of sex he craved and was receiving right now. When he was ready to come she jumped off him and let him come all over her face, this was also a no no for his wife.They went to shower, walked. She also knew that if anyone else had removed her restraints she would be throwing a tantrum right now, demanding to go home. But it wasn’t someone else, it was Conner, and she was glad he was there. She refused to let herself run away again, not like before, not that she could run away at the moment. She saw his hand moving towards her face and she fought her body’s urge to flinch. She closed her eyes as his fingers brushed against her cheek, but then his hand left her face and found her own. .errrr....I mean me SusanShe put the letter down and hopped out of bed, not bothering to get dressed. A look in the mirror said it all. Her hair was a mess and her face was groggy. She casually walked to the kitchen to see Susan cooking a meal. Susan was barefoot and braless, wearing a thin white tank top and gray sweatpants. "That smells amazing." It's a specialty of mine," Susan smiled. "Do you always walk around naked in the morning?" Well, your letter implied that getting. She turned slowly to face him, again, pulling the pants down to where the hair on her pussy was just barely visible. There wasn't much. Misti and her had trimmed it last night to be a "racing stripe" about a half-inch wide, and maybe 2 1/2 inches long, directly at the top of her clitoris. The sparse hair between her thighs had ALL been removed. Her last turn had left one nipple in sight, and she leaned toward him allowing the jacket to move out, and away from her body, revealing both of her.

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