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I asked Hazel to come back to the chesterfield maybe inviting her to see my cock or to be felt up. She agreed but was motivated as much by a peanut b...tter sandwich that I got from our kitchen and brought back to the Chesterfield. I think that they didn't eat well next door.I saw what was between her legs. I remember the soft slit and then some darker skin around her crotch and asshole. I'm sure we played with each other’s naughty bits. I mostly laid on her and did a grunty-grunty motion. . She nodded and said, ‘Totally dude. Did class go badly?’ I studied Sarah’s face for a long moment. Did she know about what happened with the Valentine’s gram? While I wouldn’t be surprised if news of the kiss had gotten around, I hadn’t thought it would spread so quickly. I must have been scowling. Sarah looked back at me confused. She shrugged her shoulders and blurted, ‘Dude. What?’ ‘Why did you ask about class?’ ‘Umm… maybe because you just had class and you look pissed off. That’s all. No. Then i drive the bodies out of state, dump them in a landfill or a lake and get a new used car. whatever. time to play.first came her eyes. i stood ontop of her arms so she couldnt move, though she was too drunk to do much now- and inserted my thumbs, like small dicks into an ass hole, right into her eye sockets and pushed. she gargled a scream of horror as she saw the last thing she ever would in this world- my thumbs and my smiling face. i pushed long enough to hear two pops and feel a gooze. She didn’t go ahead either.“Have you checked to see how transparent it gets when wet?” I asked going a bit on the offensive.“Can you help me do that?”“How do you propose I do that, Diana?”“I get in the shower for a moment, wouldn’t that work?”“This is a very dangerous game you are playing, young lady,” I said.“Whatever do you mean?” she said walking into her bathroom.I got a towel, in case she goes through with this, and she started her shower.She stepped in and everything started getting wet,.

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