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Blue Boy is a jammer, similar to the one in your briefcase. The ears hide the antennas, and the speakers are at the sides of the head. Pinky is a camcorder. Each has a locater that I can use to find the other. I assume the cell is a secure line, voice and text?" Of course. The full confidential client package. It is also preloaded with our office and personal numbers."That out of the way, they got down to business. First, they went over the official reports. Linda verified that the. She said no it will never happen I said I will someday like that days passed on my senior gave me the work for the Thursday meeting which I used to complete only if I stayed late in the night so I told my senior sir I will do it but allow me to come late the next day so this was weekly affair I had a chance now on every Friday I use to go to my senior house at 10 in the morning when nobody was there only me and my seniors wife. On Fridays I talk very frankly with her all sorts of things and sex. George and Andi started making out while I spectated getting ready for the coming waves of pleasure. "we're going to go to the pool why don't you stay here" George said, I was cool with that because I liked the hot tub better than the pool anyways. While they floated around in the pool I could only imagine what the pussy would feel like. would it be warm? how would it feel in the water? what positions would we get in? I looked over and noticed Andi's legs wrapped around George's waist as the. She let out a stifled cry and arched then let go. I licked gently some more enjoying the sweetness.I then slid back up and kissed her sharing her taste. My fingers were fucking her. She quietly asked me to fuck her bum, I was quite surprised and she asked again. I had never fucked a girls ass and was quite tentative (AIDs was just a hot topic with the press). I decided to slip a finger in her ass as I used my thumb in her pussy. She moaned so I fucked both her holes with my fingers as I kissed.

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