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Ich kann nicht... Ich... wenn du mich so anmachst, dann will ich auch deinen verdammten Schwanz..."Vor einem guten Jahr hatte sie mich einmal gebeten,...sie in den Arsch zu ficken. Es war ein jämmerliches fiasko geworden, und ich hatte meinen kleinen, halbsteifen Schwanz schließlich gewichst und ihr zugesehen, wie sie sich den Vibrator bis tief in ihren HIntern geschoben hatte und laut schreiend gekommen war.Jetzt lief ihr meine Wichse aus ihrer Fotze, und ich beugte mich über ihren Schoß und. Then, I see him round Liz's door and come to a stop, his eyes wide as saucers, his mouth dropped open in amazement."Oh, oh, my god, oh, I'm sorry, I'll leave right now, sorry."Liz raises up, turns her head toward him and says, "Hi, I'm Liz, Amy's sister. Take your clothes off and join us, Todd, join the fun."And, I watch as Todd pulls off his shirt and begins taking his shoes, socks and pants off, and he's soon standing there in his boxers, just looking at us as Liz continues giving me oral. He backed off a bit and gently stroked the insides of her thighs as she relaxed and then I had another revelation. He slid his body off the bed and began to stand up. My father had the longest, fattest cock that I have ever seen. He was truly of porn star proportion. 10” in length and at least 2 ½” in diameter would be conservative estimates. As he stood it was obvious that it was hard as steel but so big and thick that it hung down a little from horizontal. As he walked around the bed it swung. .. person ... called two little boys that I am very fond of. Oh, and I should add, that her employer is very fond of, as well.”The man glanced at his wife.“I asked if they were his children,” she said with a shrug.“Don’t compound your stupidity by lying about it,” I yelled. The guy stepped between me and his wife with his palms upward. “She asked if they were my little bastards.”He closed his eyes for a moment and then turned his back to me.“Why would you say something like that?” he asked in a.

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