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It’s a personal experience that I thought I would share. It’s a bit long but I hope you enjoy.I had always dated men, however I had always wonder...d what it would be like to be with a woman. I never thought that it was something that I would act upon. To be truly honest, I had no control over who I fell for, it just happened. I was in my early twenties and while working in a store at the local mall there was one girl that stood out...I couldn't help myself. I found myself watching her from. CLOSE AS SHE CAN BEJUSTYNA JUICY JEWEL WILL WANT TO FEEL SHE CAN BE MINE SOON AND TILL EROTIC ETERNITYJUSTYNA JUICY JEWEL WILL WANT TO FEEL ME: MY EYES GAZING & GRAZING HER BODILY BEAUTYJUSTYNA JUICY JEWEL WILL WANT TO FEEL ME MY EYES GAZE 'R UP & DOWN - FROM TOP TO TOEJUSTYNA JUICY JEWEL WILL WANT TO FEEL ME: MY EYES KISS 'R SKIN - WHERE MY MOUTH WANTSJUSTYNA JUICY JEWEL WILL WANT TO FEEL ME: MY EYES KISS 'R SEXY SPOTS - MY EXPERT-TEASEJUSTYNA JUICY JEWEL JUMPS TO CONCLUSION SHE HAS PROFESSOR. Oh God"."More like a sick moose." We both laughed at that and Beth began chanting "Oh God" along with Kate on the video.We sat there for a while longer, being lulled asleep by the monotony on the screen. They weren't real creative. I lifted Beth's chin up so I could kiss her lips, "Well, watching this sure makes me appreciate having you, Babe."She smiled, as I picked her up and carried her over to the bed. Muting the sound, I lay on my back before pulling her over me putting us in the classic. Thoughts of a home cooked meal, a hot shower and some relaxing fill your mind. She’ll be waiting for you, with a welcoming smile and a soft kiss. A simple thing, but you’ve come to expect the warmth of routine. You open the door and are greeted by a quiet melody drifting from a candle lit room. The scent of jasmine flows through the air as your eyes scan the surroundings. On the floor is a blanket, spread beneath a single closed basket. A warm glow emanates from the fireplace, and candles.

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