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. well, I'll save that for later. But I also want to talk to you about us, before we do anything else. Kev, I think I understand how you feel about me..." Simone, I..." Honey," she interrupted, "not just yet, O.K.?" He nodded. "I know how much you care about me. And I think I care about you in exactly the same way. But because I care about you so much, I really have to make sure you're all right ... and that you understand that things will change some day." What do you mean, Simone?" Well, Kevin. Katelyn extricated herself and began to undo the button on Hayley's jeans, unzipping them and pulling them off her soft legs, taking the shoes off with them. Now Hayley was clad only in tiny black, silk panties. Katelyn's mouth closed over the crotch of the panties as she hungrily chewed the material and feasted on Hayley's pussy. "God, Katelyn!!!!" Hayley cried in ecstasy. She felt like her pussy was on fire from Katelyn's exploring mouth.When the brunette finally came up for air, she grabbed. He noticed this and began to approach me slowly. He took me in his arms and began to kiss me slowly. I was a little nervous but his kiss was so soft and warm that I began to relax and kiss him back. At this, he began to run his tongue across my lips and I took his lead and opened my mouth.Our tongues met and we both began to feel that wonderful, warm sensation as our hardening cocks met at our waists. As we kissed deeply, I did not notice his fingers pulling the waistband of my boxers away from. I suspect that you've gone down on a girl before haven't you?"I nodded quietly."That's good, because that is exactly what you are going to do. I am going to make you an expert at eating pussy and if you perform well, afterward, I may allow you a little treat. Does that like fun to you?"I nodded again.Fiona laughed, "good because I wasn't really asking you, I was telling you!"I watched in awe as she unclipped her garter straps, releasing them from her stockings, then slowly removed her silk.

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