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In the span of a second, she undid my belt and my zipper. I stopped her, shocked at her sudden action. After thinking for a moment, I allowed her to c...ntinue. She slid my jeans down, revealing my Body Glove compression shorts (I chafe really easily with normal boxers). Those slipped off fairly easily as well. I'll admit, my cock had been rock hard from the moment she stepped in. I never made a big deal out of it, even with myself. But now was the time. My crotch tingled at her cold touch. Her. Suddenly, we were in for the battle of our lives as several hippos tried to get to us. I was sitting down at this point, and I managed to brace with my feet so that I could hold my place. I picked up the second khopesh from the bottom of the boat and was holding one in each hand.All I could think of to do was to slash at any bit of flesh outside the boat that I could reach. This was usually some part of the head of a hippo, although I suppose that I must have slashed at backs, too. Anyway, I. I moaned frantically in sweet relief - there was nothing my aching pussy wanted more than to be filled at that moment. But he didn’t move the vibrator. Instead, he kept it embedded inside me right to the hilt and reached up under my T-shirt to roughly pinch and twist my nipples. Releasing them, he shoved me forward back onto the desk, and keeping the vibrator packed tightly inside me, hit me one, two, three more times with the belt. I was yelping and squealing like an animal. I could feel that. For those known to the club entry is free and nothing special, being greeted like family. Females, non-futas, stumbling upon the club will gently but firmly denied entry instead prioritizing the entry of men to the club. For any man stumbling onto the club they will perhaps wonder at the odd glances, the searching looks and the open leering. Any concerns will quickly be lulled to sleep as they are treated like royalty, treated to free drinks and waited upon by the enticing hostesses in the.

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