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A day or so later when Natalie was out on the town with another couple of girls, Kaitlin took the opportunity to use all her wiles to engage Bethany i... conversation about relationships etc and she was surprised that Bethany was surprisingly really quite open about her feelings, in fact she seemed to be bursting to open her heart. Bethany is rarely outgoing so, to see her like this, quite obviously agitated, was quite a pleasant shock for Kaitlin.Bethany confessed to Kaitlin the affect the. I was unaware as to whether she was still a virgin or sexually active, in some ways I wanted to know, she seemed cool about going there with me, perhaps my lax attitude in her dealings with boyfriends and overnight stays with girlfriends, gave me an advantage over other mothers, my only stipulation was a steady supply of condoms, which I stocked up in her knicker drawer, so perhaps my curiosity as to whether she was or was not, was a mute point, either way she told me the dwindling supply was. I did just that, and I was laying on my bed naked legs spread out, mirror in hand. Trying to find my clitoris or clit as the guy that I met before had told me about. I start by gently spreading the outer lips of my pussy.As I start fingering inside my pussy, I can feel how wet and tight I am, exploring the inside of my pussy, it was smooth, except for this indentation, I later found out that was my g-spot. I pulled my finger out and moved it over the inner lips, I moved my inner lips a little,. Make love to me."The sheets pulled up to his lower back, Phil stretched her more than she'd known before, her body open to him as they kissed deeply throughout. The energetic fuck would be another time; for now, she wanted to feel the moment and he was very happy to oblige. Her hands now gripped his toned arms, head tilted back into the soft pillows. No condom, they knew the risks, but she had taken a chance on resuming the pill a few days before.Her body trembling as he varied the speed and.

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