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Pinbu en chithi idam nee sariyaaga pesa matingiraai enaku theriyum nee ennai avoid seigirai endru solinaal.Chithi apadilam ondrum ilaai chithi neengal...naan kai pazhakam seithu kondu irupathai parthu viteergal. Athanaal thaan enaku ungalai paarka mudiya villai, intha vayathil nee seivathu thavaru ilai da. Ithil un thavaru ethuvum illai, kathavil thapal illai enbathu enakum theriyum. Nee athai patri elam kavalai padathe naan un amma idam ethuvum sola maten.Ini nee en udan thaan paduthu uranga. They are the real reason we are her and therefore the reason for all this carp," I said accusingly. Once we were in the house, I made the bic lighter signal and he killed the audio feed. "Are there any other cops?" Just the one, by the way I got your toys out into the woods," Martin informed me, with a big smile."I think they need to stay there a while. We don't need to try to explain the arsenal to cops who are working on three dead bodies. Besides they have my .38 and the derringer that's. Well, I DID think about you teasing me.”“No flirting at all?”I shook my head, “No.”“Did you and Samantha talk about Pia’s visit?” Jessica asked.“Yes. She knows I might exercise one of my options with Pia.”“You didn’t talk to Pia about it?”I shook my head, “No. We’ll just play it by ear, unless the two of you have some kind of objection I need to consider.”“No, and Samantha won’t be jealous?” Jessica asked.“I think she’ll be fine,” I said. “She’s adapting to the realities of Cirque du. Prince Roger was quite handsome as he was ushering also. Mo and Angela both looked proud of their guys. I realized that Mo was looking at Bert that way. It suited me. We took our turns walking down the aisle. It was now my turn. King Marcus moved beside me and took my arm. The organ changed to an even more stately march and we went down the aisle. I was surprised at the number of guests. I saw Jam down front waiting for me. We both had big smiles.We stood before Pastor Dean who said, “I have.

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