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She had thought his fingers were gentle and delightful, Hie mouth was twice as gentle and ten times as delightful. The warmth spread though her body. ...he string tightened. When it broke, she flew. But his mouth didn’t leave her. Indeed, she felt his finger enter her. She flew again and again. She convulsed in agony which was also the greatest pleasure she had ever known. When he finally let her alone, she collapsed.Don kissed down Sharon’s lithe body from her breast towards her labia. A glance. You wanted to wear dresses so nowyou can learn there are things that aren't so nice about it." "I have already learned that with this corset and these heels.Can't you see that?" "I know they may be a little uncomfortable but you will get usedto them. I know that you can do it. If we get a chance tomorrowI'll show you how to put eye shadow on and have you practice doingit. Doesn't that sound like fun?" Sarcastically he said, "Oh, yes that sounds like a ton of fun.You know I have never worn. .." Before you ask Tommy, I've not slept with Arnold, it's yours, you're going to be a daddy!" Twice" added Jill laughingly,"We weren't going to tell you just yet darling" mum said, "But well you know" she looked quite sad and I felt for her, she'd genuinely cared for Arnold and there was no doubt that he'd helped her and a lot of other women less fortunate than her and Jill had been."What happens now then?" I was in a daze, I didn't have a clue about what to do or say to either of them,"We eat. Worker 2 grabs the whip from the floor and hits my back with it multiple times after the 20th strike he sees the red marks come through from where it hit then grabs my hair commands me to spit out the butt plug with saliva running down it then shoves his semi 6 inch cock in my mouth gets me to suck on it and choke on it my saliva running all over his semi hard cock.Worker 3 and 4 go on either side of me and get me to stroke their cocks and rub their balls whilst Worker 1 fucks my ass and worker.

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