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The sweat had got dried except at her armpit. That was the sexiest pose for me, and my dick started erecting.I tried to cover it up by sitting cross-l...gged. She came and sat very close to me on the sofa. The TV was playing a Hindi music channel, and all the females on the screen were wearing mini-skirts and sleeveless, thin tops, that hardly covered their navels.Vallyemma: Ooh, so you are watching these kinds of songs, haa…!!Me: What is wrong with this, Vallyemma? Women nowadays wear these. She was wearing a black dress, mid thigh with black stockings/tights. To Andy’s delight he instantly saw a white band between the bottom of the dress and Sarah’s legs. He couldn’t recollect ever seeing Sarah showing slip before.Andy said “Hello!” and then went into the front room.He left the door slightly ajar and started up the computer. The door to the back room clicked shut.Andy did a few searches on the computer and his mind started to wander. He remembered that the panel on the door to the. However, I seemed to develop an infatuation of pencil or charcoal sketches of slender nubile young ladies.Nothing too detailed, or what some might possibly describe as crude. Just a few skilfully drawn lines on a plain background that implied in the viewers mind the beauty of the subject.My trouble was I could rarely afford to buy any of those pictures to take home with me and admire at my leisure. I'd soon be very broke if I got into that game. I liked far too many of them to chose just one or. "Why on Earth would I send two of the prettiest girls I know out of my bed?"She blushed, smiled, and then pushed herself up and kissed me gently on the lips. My hand slid up her back and neck and into her red hair and I held her lips against mine and deepened the kiss. Her mouth opened and I slipped my tongue into her mouth and tasted her.I felt her small hand slide over my chest, down my stomach and into the waist band of my shorts. She wrapped her little hand around my hard cock and gently.

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