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She may have been 45 but being a former ballet dancer she looked 30, Sonya was a classic Russian Nordic beauty. Several weeks ago a friend of mine me... us and invited us to this group sex party. I had taken one of my girlfriend’s to one of his parties before and knew it involved couples who were into group sex and the leather scene. They did not do anything extreme, just leather outfits and some wife swapping. I told Sonya about the invite and I was pleasantly surprised when she said “let me. This time also she said sorry to me and closed the call after closing.. (I generally used to call their 8-10 times a day). On the same day again my call landed to her. I said Hi Ragini, Chhavi this side, (but readers I really thought that she was not interested to talk to me.)Anyways but she has to attend the call in a proper manner otherwise she might be fired. On the call only she asked me.Ragini: Chhavi why u r always rude.Me: Ragini, this is always a professional call. So u must not sing. He laughed because he knew she was coming in nearly every morning first thing to suck his cock off. It was something Beverly loved to do and Philip always loved for her to do it as long as he didn't have other plans for fucking some horny pussy between 8 and noon. Otherwise, he'd just play around with her, feel her up some and get his sexual juices flowing.This morning Philip didn't have any other pussy in mind before late that afternoon so he was all Beverly's. She could do him or even fuck. I imagined in my mind how her fingers would look diving in and out of her pussy, circling her clit until she exploded with a drenching orgasm.I can tell you that I didn’t need the books anymore to get me turned on. One day we had to go out on a job, it was a new construction and my 2 welders and I had to leave the shop. We got to the jobsite and the superintendent said he needed to see our welding certification papers. He agreed to let my workers start as long as I promised to bring the certs.

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