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I groaned with pleasure. When he had me open and I had relaxed, his long cock slid into me."Ahhhhhhhhhh, that's so good, My Master. Please fuck me ......please ... Harder ... Faster..." As he sped up, I sensed movement and turned, gasping as he fucked me. It was Ayala, she was naked and she had a harness around her thighs and waist. Jutting from the harness was a carved yellowish cock!She saw me looking, grunting as he fucked me. "She's ready, Ayala." My Master said and wrapped his arms around. . so is everything alright?"Soldier asked."Where is everyone" "Oh!" she said as she turned around, surprised by his presence. "Everything is alright. How was your assignment?" "Cold, too damn cold." Soldier said. "Oh, haha you'll get used to it!" she said pushing up her glasses. We are her for 3 months you know." "Yeah, don't remind me." "By the way, Bastion and Reaper have been picked up for a different assignment." Mei said. "What!? Are you k**ding me! Why didn't they pick up me?" "Oh come. She was capable of making happier, more at peace and more complete that I had even known was possible. I didn't dare know what it was if it wasn't love.Whatever all of this was, it was mine. It was my life. There were highs and lows, to be sure. Whatever the lows, however, I could still feel Miss's desire and pleasure in them. I knew that the pain or humiliation meant reward.The only flaw, the only nagging thought I could not get out of my mind, was guilt. I still thought of how Rebecca must. I opened it gingerly and was greeted by the three of them standing smugly, carrying a bottle of champagne and a laptop PC."Come in gents" I beckoned to them...They entered and once in they stood back to look at me and I was showered with compliments again...I had decide to go for a french maids outfit, seamed black stockings and suspender belt, high heels and decided on no knickers and no bra. My nipples were standing to attention from the anticipation and my pussy juice was already leaking out.

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