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She lay with her face pressed to the cold tile as she awaited her fate. Perhaps Thabit had finally decided to kill her. He was blood thirsty and would...want an audience for his work. ‘I saw more Christian pilgrims on the road today,’ Thabit said, ignoring her presence. One of the men chuckled, a sound that gave Rida chills. ‘The infidels bring their gold to Jerusalem. They will not leave with it.’ ‘What news do you hear of Constantinople, Hatim?’ The other man spoke. Rida attempted to look up,. So who did she go with ? Her ex-husband Joe. Adams father. She was still very friendly with him,which was good I suppose. It was good for Adam too,that his parents still got on,despite splitting up.I had been a little jealous of the time they spent together,but as Eve put it, I was acctually sleeping with someone else .Her son.I couldn't argue with that.But I knew that on a certain level, Eve still had feelings for Joe, who I had met several times and actually quite liked him. He was a little. . and a pair of handcuffs each... and I'm weak!"Daddy Bill, I don't think this rope is tight enough, can't you change it?" Cindy was asking. Even though the rope was biting into her panties and was splitting her labia lips to show the crease of her pussy."Don't listen to her Dad! She just wants to get off on the rope!" Diana said and tried to nudge Cindy at the same time.Now many of you may be wondering why I wasn't worried about anyone else seeing the girls... I was but the car had tinted. It was so hard now and I could feel it throbbing. I slowly started to masturbate and closed my eyes but I was facing the mirror. When I opened up my eyes I saw my friends mother with a shocked look on her face and her hand over her mouth. She must have been surprised that I was masturbating in her shower. I closed my eyes again and started to masturbate faster. When I was just about ready to cum I opened up my eyes again and my friend’s mom was watching with her eyes in the mirror looking right.

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