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She slowly opens the door and slips inside.Marty is lying on top of the covers eyes closed, stroking his cock with her panties hard. Rose sits on the ...dge of the bed. She takes his panty wrapped cock in her hand and starts to stroke and massage its length. Marty's eyes spring open and he lays there motionless absorbing Rose's touch. She squeezes his shaft causing his cock head to swell. He groans in pleasure. His hand slides up to her breast. Rose turns and positions herself to afford Marty. I sit but she immediately says to lay back. I lay back placing my hands behind my head, she moves closer to the point of now standing between my legs. She crawls on top, places one finger over my lips as to say keep quiet. She then stands back up and unties her robe. It hits the floor and exposes her complete nakedness to me, yep no panties as I had thought. She goes to her knees, takes my now stiff cock in one hand and strokes it. Wow she says, in only two or three strokes of her hand I'm now. One day, the crofter came, but he wasn’t alone, this time he brought his wife, a terrifying looking woman, whose face reminded him of the pony’s backsides as they cantered away from him. As the crofter spread his arms wide, her face split into a Cheshire cat smile, displaying at least three good teeth and miles of gum. Her two meaty hands dived into the butchers’ apron, tied about her considerable girth. He would have gulped if he had been able to when she about-faced and squatted down on the. Her smirk returned. The food arrived shortly and Embers stood up and turned to face the unchanging view of the stars ahead. Diego took this chance to make truce with his angry and rebellious stomach as well as get a good view of the Captain. She can’t be more than five six, he thought. Slim waist, nice curves. Chew. He was down to her knees before he realized she had turned around and was talking to him. A hand came into his field of view and directed his gaze back to her face. Diego looked.

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