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Wheatish skin tone and mild hairy with short hairs and subtle beard!I was introduced to pr and I found some friends from that, from one of them I find...a top guy. Tall, dark, athlete body, soft ass, and a huge dick with the length of about 7.5 inches, and somewhat curvy!I call him at my friend’s place, who also happens to be a shy gay.I’m having a little soft sex with my friend since I can’t sleep tonight, worrying how I will handle anal sex since big dicks are very painful to me in the end! I. She had only helped things along... a little bit.As much as she had always wanted him to become a part of her group,there had been next to nothing she could do about enlisting him whilehe remained his best friend. Fool or not, he'd watched over him likea mother hawk. She simply had never had enough power to confront himface to face. Subterfuge was her specialty. She knew that she couldhave never incorporated him into her group without facing his wrath.Wasn't it so nice of the fool to deliver. But after Irealized what this story meant to me, and how it's developed, I realizedI couldn't betray the identity of my characters. I had to let them bewho they are, and become who they were meant to be, in their own time.Yes, there will be decidedly sexual elements in this story in subsequentparts. Those parts won't be pleasant for all readers. But they will atleast be true to the characters that have taken on a life of their ownin my heart, and my mind, and my soul.*** *** ***Part 3The. ’ ‘You have two here John and Janet to take his place.’ Jean said, ‘I hope they are as wise.’ ‘Holly fuck how did this happen better still how did you allow this to happen.’ ‘Brad we did not know we tried some of this on Dalhousie university students they went nuts and we cured it in 30 days,’ ‘The sleep people showed no reaction just like Joyce and you had no reaction to sleep learning but it worked. Joyce is higher than I am on medicine and procedures you are off the charts on survivor.

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