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Now, I see you as an interesting, intelligent, lovely woman of God.”She stood and stalked over to me. She turned off the burners on the stove and pu...led me to her. We kissed for a long, long time. Our arms were around each other holding us close together like we were trying to melt into the other’s body. We finally backed away a fraction of an inch.She looked me in the eyes. “Steve, I’ve never been in a serious relationship or any other kind of relationship that I was proud I was in. I don’t. Tim and I crashed here last night.”“No, Mrs. Stevens was here. That’s how we ended up here. Tim and I gave her a ride home.”“Yea, we heard you and ... But ... No, Mom. We did not go into the bar. Mrs. Stevens was outside the bar when we pulled up.”“No, Mom. It was just her. She was waiting for a taxi. She wasn’t with any guy.”“Yes, I should have called, but it was late, and I figured you would be in bed.”“Josh has a new video game. Guess we lost track of time.”“No. It’s won’t happen. She also found some adverts for sex shops and the sort of toys the sold, she toyed with the idea of buying on line a six inch rubber cock, just to see what it would feel like in her hand and as it was not a real cock it could hardly be classed as being unfaithful if she gave in to the temptation to slip it into her cunt, now could it! Instead she went to a store in the next town where she would not be known and selected one off the shelf.She purchased a six inch model which was one inch in. Most people just call me Jack. The adjectives accompanying Jack are not always nice. I am an overweight man in my late 40's who is afflicted with pattern baldness. I regret losing my hair, but refuse to wear one of those ridiculous toupees. I also hate to admit it, but my belly is bigger around than my chest. That looks especially bad on a man as short as I am. Someone once described me as a beach ball with arms, legs, and a soccer ball for a head.I normally don't get second looks from.

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