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" He starts chuckling as I race in to punch him. I'm swinging blows all over but missing and then he grabs me, pulls me in for a hug and I motion to m... now broken flip flop.In true sadist fashion, he grabs it, spanks me a lot with it. All over my body. Then he fixes it before suggesting a mostly vanilla sex romp on the couch. :) I do love him a lot. Even though he drives me crazy!Porn star Deep ThroatingNote to readers: this story is gross. 2 girls 1 cup gross (never seen it, guessing off. I had 8-9 orgasms, and I am satisfied with it.Rahul: Good, let’s finish smoking one more cigarette and go to sleep. It’s 1 AM.Gayatri: Thank you for helping me out. BTW give me my hard-earned fuck money.Rahul smiled as he handed her 5000/- rupees.Gayatri: By the way, he left me wet and on the verge of an orgasm. Why don’t you complete his work and make me cum one more time?They finished their smoke and returned to the truck. Gayatri immediately got naked and laid down and called him to join. "Kiss me," I purred, embracing Alyssa and giving her a long passionatekiss. "Oh yes, I am definitely going to enjoy this..."I spent three years doing things that the old Martin would have beenhorrified at in order for Alyssa to build her empire so it only seemedappropriate that I be the one to take it over. Of course her power wasbased off the loyalty and obedience of her transformed servants and Icouldn't take that away from her. However I could make her just asobedient to me, effectively. She was soon all wet and hot, now I got up and undressed my self as she looked on, now I made her sit and took off her bunched off kurta and bra. She now lay before me totally nude except her shining slim payals on her lovely long legs. Now I lay down upon her and kissed her deep and again sucked her lips and then her nipples. Now I got between her legs and positioned myself as my tool was rock hard. I placed the tip on her hole lips and pushed, it slipped the first time, I urged Neeru to guide.

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