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Glancing over, she watched as a small blue paper snowflake landed on her husband’s arm. This one read, ‘He’ll share his ice cream, that’s how ...ou know it’s love.’ She peered up again, this time seeing a large cream-colored snowflake swirling delicately through the air. As she caught it in her outstretched hand she read the small orange letters written on it, ‘Love is when you do something silly, just to make her smile.’ Suddenly, the air was full of blue and white snowflakes, falling and. Large cushions were strewn around the tables. The sun was still a warm red orb in the western sky. Torches with burning citronella oil were scattered around the tables to ward off the mosquitoes.We were assigned a table with two other couples, George and Marge, with Andre and Amanda. They were also in their thirties and very sexy. Marge was a tall blond with small firm breasts. She had a trimmed yellow pubic patch while Amanda had raven black hair, a smooth shaven pussy and big breasts. They. I?vebeen tinkling a little bit all night, Do you like the smell, and thetaste of my pee???Ughhhhh!? I grunted rubbing my nose up and down her soaked panties.I breathed her dark-wet scent in and I tried to memorize it, tried topull out the particular scent that would make me KNOW which dirtypanties were hers. After a minute she stepped back. I looked up at her,and tried to pour as much love and adoration into my eyes as possible.?Thank you, thank you, I can?t wait, I can?t wait until you let. Then he pulled back a little. "I'll show you my bruises." And he began to unbutton his shirt."No, let me." I said, feeling a rush of excitement - I'd always dreamed of undressing him, and now I was really doing it!I opened the buttons slowly, all the way down, then pushed his shirt open and started gently kissing his shoulders, his neck, moving downwards. He took off his shirt and laid back on the bed, then I noticed his bruises. A second ago I had been too lost in the moment to notice anything.

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