Blonde Mercilessly Rammed By Raging Tentacles mp4 porn

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I was sucking his cock like I hadn't eaten or drank anything in days. He thrust his hips up, buried his cock in my throat, cried out, and shot his cum...down my throat. I rolled off him and snuggled against his side. “ Enough play time, you need dressed,” he said and stood up. I sat up and waited on him. He left the room and returned a few minutes later with a small bag. He ordered me to stand and slowly rubbed baby oil onto my skin. “To allow your skin to breath,” he said. Then he took out this. I tried to reach down and cover myself, but my head was jerked back and my face slapped hard, "Don't you fuckin' move I said" the man said again as he sent another kick into my cock and balls. I endured several more and as I was kicked the man holding my hair now put his cock back into my mouth and started to fuck it hard and fast. For several minutes I endured this punishment, my cock and balls screaming out in pain at first and then I realized I was starting to enjoy the beating I was. ” We heard Mrs. T holler from downstairs, “Scott Teeters, you watch your mouth or I am coming up there, and I’ll wash that filthy thing out with soap.”“Sorry mom. I was just telling Bill what a raw deal he got.”“Well, I don’t want to hear any more words like that again. Do you understand?”“Yeah mom.”“And don’t you ‘yeah mom’ me either. I’ll tell your father about that potty mouth of yours. See if he lets you say things like ‘yeah mom’.” We both snickered at the thought of Scott calling his dad,. " So I see," she grinned, "all that talk of cocksucking has made me so very horny. Let's get your shorts off so I can suck you dick."We both tugged at my shorts and in an instant they were on the floor. Almost as soon as my shorts cleared my cock, Jessie had it in her hot mouth. "Fuck baby," I moaned, "your mouth feels great." She smiled up at me, her eyes shining as she deep throated me. "Jessie you're amazing. Let's sixty-nine, I want to taste your sweet cunt."Pulling my dick from her mouth.

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