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Surprisingly she had already pulled the curtains and arranged the lights, how thoughtful of her! I made my way to the sitting room and put the hold al... down and then back to the kitchen, checked the rest of downstairs then upstairs and finally arrived back in the sitting room. She trailed behind me and neither of us spoke.Well done I said. You seem to have prepared the house just the way I like it. Now lets see if you’re prepared as well. I took off my jacket, shirt, shoes, socks and trousers. The place seemed empty and silent as he turned the open sign, Barbera appearing, at ten as always, with tea and asking, “if he had any regrets about last night?” Blushing he said, “if its ok with Celia, and your happy, who am I to complain, as long as the world don’t find out, it`s our business, are you having any regrets?” her reply was a grin and a cry of, “Your Joking, it was the best sex since my honeymoon…!” they laughed, and as a customer arrived, mother pottered away upstairs, laundry to. Maine kaha wo raat mei ek hi bed pe sote hai ek dushre ko bahut pyar karte hai wo boli pyar to hum bhi aapko karte hai maine kaha wo wala pyar nahi wo dushri tarha ka pyar hota hai so ushne kaha kis tarha ka pyar to maine kaha room mei chalo mei batata hu hum room mei gaye maine ushe kaha aapne kapre nikalo to wo bolo aapke shamne maine kaha haa wo boli nahi mei nahi nikalugi to maine kaha ok tumhe jaana ahi hai wo pyar kaise hota hai wo boli jaana hai lakin mujhe sharam aati hai to maine kaha. I remained calm as if finding him like this was no big deal."So where is everyone?" I asked."Well, a, yea, well ... Upstairs", he said finally. "So, a, umm, a, so your trip got cancelled, huh?" Yup – the plane had problems and I got tired of waiting."As I started to go to the stairs, he briefly stepped over to block my path, but then, thinking that was not a good idea, he moved back to let me by. I asked him, "Something wrong?"Confusion, fear, and dread crossed his face as he once again looked.

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