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“That’s why we came to you, apparently your Masters can help us,” Daniel said.“Alexis, should we tell them?” Lumiosa asked her still-fuming ...riend. “Alexis?”“What? Oh, sorry, I was still thinking about what I’m going to do to that bastard,” Alexis said. “Yes, I think we should. You see, Matt and Sophie are Gods.”“Gods?”“Yes,” Lumiosa nodded. “Master Matt and Miss Sophie are the ones who created the lamps. They travelled back in time and created the universe and we genies, in doing so making. " The pretty youngwoman retorted, then smiled briefly. "But I guess that'll do for anapology right now. Telling the truth would have worked better,though." Ok, I admit it." Dan let out a sigh of capitulation. "I wasstaring. Sorry, it's just that I am tired, and all of you dressed inthe same outfits just intrigued me is all. I didn't mean to insultany of you with it." That's a little better." she allowed her smile to grow a bit as sheran a hand over her outfit. "We're all in a -- call it a club. A few moments I heard a faint knock at the door before she came in to start the session. After closing the door behind her she set the hot packs down in a warming tray then came over to me to start the massage. The first thing she did was grab the towel off my ass and told me to flip over that she likes to start on the front, do the back and then end on the front again. Immediately I thought, 'Okay, this gal is liberal' and flipped over. I noticed she had lost the scrubs blouse and was now. “His meeting is taking a few minutes longer than expected and he asked that I get you situated in his conference room. Would you come with me, please?” I acknowledged her greeting and agreed to follow—almost before she turned and marched back to the security door. She waved her badge at a black box on the frame and the door clicked to allow us through. On the way to the conference room we passed a small kitchen and she asked if I would like a cup of coffee. I stopped myself from automatically.

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