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They were all over my body. He had one hand on my breasts while the other hand was resting on my ass. Well, not really resting. His hand was cupping m... ass cheeks. I felt so excited.Then I turned around. I was looking straight into his dark eyes. Eyes that told me that he wanted me. Not even a second later, I had his lips on mine. He was kissing me hard. I kissed him back. He had both his hands on my ass now. It felt so hot.Then I decided to take the step.I took his hand and started to walk. Anyway i got so turned on I said to the wife fuck im gonna cum pulled out and spunked all over her ass and on me it was running down my balls and everywhere,Katy was biting her lip and then the wife went to get off me when I looked she had left I thought shit shes all embarrased I think ive gone to far with her.Anyway nothing more was said that night in morning I took Katy a cup of tea in bed and we chatted while the wife was in the shower I said look I'm sorry we went that far it wont happen. ”“You didn’t!”“Yes I did, and she told me that she’d stand on her head if that’s what it took to get your cock in her pussy.”“Do me a favor - go down and get her laptop and bring it up here. If we can get it to load, you can take it back and she can watch us on video.”“Could we see her too?”“Sure, if she would turn on her cam and let us see her without her robe on.”“I suppose you know, she was naked under that robe when she let you in.”“I know, and I wanted to see her naked all over, so. "Beth and Rex make small talk. At almost 5’10” in heels, she is close to Rex’s height. It makes it easy to talk without looking up. It also makes it easy to brush her breast against his arm without other people noticing.Rex says, “I’m glad Brad invited you so could get better acquainted. At your party I thought you were a little uptight.”Beth takes a finger and opens her blouse a little more. “And what about now? Do you still feel that way?”“I’m generally a pretty good judge of women. But in.

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