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The smell of lavender and honey filled the warm room hot and musty from the beating sun that was just starting to set in the low county of Mendoza. I...pulled her close not allowing her to move only fell the weight of my cock thick inside of her, a strong grip on her neck she is breathing hot breath of anticipation as we meet eye to eye. I release her then have her to stand over me, the honey yellow skin ever perfect, lean thin muscle framed this farmer girl. Dark red hair and yellow eyes. "Yup." And you haven't heard from your real sister?" I don't even know if she's still alive or not," he said. That made him feel sad."And what happens if they find out I'm not your sister?" I don't know," he admitted. "I'm sure they'd be pissed, but I'm on ninety days convalescent leave. Unless the medical board decides I can go back to duty before that."She was silent for a minute or more."Does that mean you'd go back to Iraq?" Her voice sounded curiously flat."I don't know," he said. "It all. She grabbed a hold of the strap on and began gently rubbing it. Luanne gave a fake moan of pleasure and Peggy looked up at her with a look of a little girl discovering love for the first time. She leaned forward and licked the tip gently then began licking the shaft up and down. Luanne smiled Good your learning fast now show me that inner slut. Peggy smiled and looked at her with the look of a 16 year old teenager. She began sucking it hard and fast wraping her arms around Luannes ass. Peggy. She pulls it our from under her top. She knows I saw bit she just sits there. "What are you doing" I ask her "It was tight and I am tired of wearing it. I just want to ne comfortable" I can't help from looking over there. Her halter top wrapped around her big tits, matching every curve around them. I keep eyeing her tits. She stretches leaning back. She know how much I love her tits. She starts rubbing her body as she is doing it she pulls her top down exposing her beautiful tits her nipples.

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